About us

Years of work and research have been put into specific plants that fit our definition of Full Spectrum: a diverse combination of varying quantities of cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds found naturally on a selected genetic (whole plant). This selected and lab tested genetic is cultivated all year round in the USA...

But why is it grown in the USA? MNS group grow it in the USA due to the simple fact that anything under 0.3%THC is considered hemp and in line with the farmer’s bill. In the EU the plant needs to be under 0.3%THC, but also must appear on a list of about 120 hemp varietals that are registered for official use only. Anything not on this botanical list is not permitted as hemp in EU, even if it fits under 0.3%THC levels.

The lack of all other compounds in EU registered Hemp varietals limits it to, at best, CBD extraction but not much else. Very little terpene, or other cannabinoids are present on that list of EU hemp varietals. While USA hemp varietals have increased terpene, increased cannabinoids levels not THC, flavinoids, and all other compounds held on the plant.

For example our selection of Hemp in USA is 16.64% CBD, less 0.3%THC, 41 terpenes measured as well as flavinoids and other compounds...while in EU the most are 1% CBD, 0.3%THC and very little else. Once the EU hemp is CO2 extracted for pure crystal of 99.8 % CBD, it cannot be viewed or called Full Spectrum. All products made from CBD crystal cannot be called Full Spectrum for obvious reasons. While USA hemp first extraction contains all the chemicals in higher concentrations due to it being condensed and this allows us to see that our recreational hemp is extremely loaded with many cannabinoids, terpenes and compounds not seen in EU hemp strains previously.  

CBD Y2, CBD Recovery and CBD Therapy are 3 such strains developed from our breeding program, with selection and lab testing of all facets in all types of cultivations to move this into science based products. We can prove every step of our processing and cultivation with scientific lab tests made from independent labs, in every country we work in.

Certificate of Analysis is something a company does on a product to prove pesticide free, insecticide free and void of heavy metals prior to going into GMP filing and packing of a product. This makes every step accountable, traceable and guaranteed to fulfil all necessary criteria for a quality wellness product is safe to consume and works every time. You can review all our analysis of our products and further workings and research we are developing on this site.