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Dr. Nice Philosophy

Over recent years, we have been working on some newly exclusive merchandise, terpenes and a new line of world class CBD wellness products, which can now be bought right here!  Coming from the school of whole plant extracts; Dr. Nice is a new line of quality wellness products made by Shantibaba (creator of GHSco, MNS seed bank and CBD crew Seed Company). After years of experience in breeding strains, Shantibaba has taken full control over all facets of cultivation. Selection and lab testing of a specific plant, keeping it alive as a mother and cloning from it to produce the identical concentrates time and time again...with real consistency...this is the real difference between our company and hemp extractors and resellers of CBD products.

Our Core Values

Full spectrum of all compounds found on the plant

Organically and biologically grown plants

Genetic is unique to MNS group and only produced by the MNS group

Breeding parents of all plant stock and can replicate batches identically, time & time again

Everything is done in house


Highest quality

All lab tested and all steps provable by science

Combo Packs!

Discounted product bundles

CBD Vape Kits

This form of tobacco-less vapour is considered by Shantibaba to be the most effective way to administer CBD for everyone who uses this product.

Dr. Nice

New line of quality wellness products made by Shantibaba

Mr. Nice Merchandise

Designed to fit your average cannabis connoisseur!

CBD Oil Tinctures & Essential Oils

CBD Infused oil and terpenes based on CBD Crew sand Mr. Nice genetics