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Nevilles's Haze

Nevilles's Haze

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A tribute to the father of all modern seed companies, Neville Schoenmakers. There is something very special about this 3/4 sativa that those in the know will recognize once they smell the end product. It can be difficult to know what to base your selective reasoning on, but the plants that go longer than 16 weeks indoor may not be of any practical value to indoor cultivators. A tip for those who do find a long flowering plant they wish to keep; clones usually finish 2-3 weeks earlier than the seed mother plant. This technique may give the grower an opportunity to finish something that normally needs the tropics to grow in. The full flavor is sativa all the way, so for you Indica lovers this plant will not be for you! It was made by combining a pure Haze to an NL5/Haze, thus creating probably one of the most influential plants of our time; certainly for flavor, aroma and effect. It is a must grow if you are within 10' of the equator for outdoor cultivation, but indoor would be recommended in other regions. All seed companies owe the ground work and origins of modern cultivars to Nevil. Like the man himself... the legend grows!

Attribute Details
Heritage Neville's Haze
Category The Naturals - Old School Genetics
Family Breed NL5/HazeA x HazeC
Breeder Shantibaba's
Preferred Medium Bio and Hydro, Indoors and Outdoors/Greenhouse
Expected Yield Indoors: Depends on the grower, but expect 400 g/m2. Outdoors/Greenhouse: Can become substantial.
Flowering Period Indoors: Select anything that goes up to 16 weeks flowering time, eliminate others as they are not practical for indoor rooms. Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Difficult; only suitable for southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal), finishing by December. Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Takes until June.
Recommendations For experienced growers to the most advanced cultivators. A highly valued end product from the past.
Special Notes For most people older than 40, this plant will bring back long-lost flavors of the past. It is probably the closest thing to a pure sativa (3/4 sativa) that will herald results in an indoor room without taking longer than Moses took to find the land of Milk and Honey!
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