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Dr. Nice CBD Refill Kit Plus+

Dr. Nice CBD Refill Kit Plus+

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Dr Nice CBD Refill Kit Plus+

Storing the CBD liquid already in the glass syringe and nozzle avoids messy handling and keeps the oil sterile and clean. Shantibaba has uniquely developed this organic liquid without using glycerin, PG or solvents, so you are only inhaling 100% organic plant material. Remember not to over tighten the ceramic mouth piece on the cartridge once you refill it.

Contents of the kit:

  • Vape cartridge (CBD oil, 0.5ml)
  • Syringe (CBD oil, 1.0ml for 2 refills)
  • Needle for refill

Product description:

Dr Nice CBD Refill Kit Plus contains a 1.0ml of 46% CBD liquid used to refill the cartridges in the glass syringe/screw on nozzle. An extra 0.5ml cartridge is included in this kit.

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Lab results

Analyzed by trusted Fundación CANNA, so you know what you are consuming.


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