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CBD Gandhi 5 fem packet

CBD Gandhi 5 fem packet

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Gandhi once said…. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Once again the CBD crew headed by Shantibaba has applied their wonderful science to developing and testing new naturally selected strains, as proved by many years of successful research. In 2015 the CBD crew was the first seed company in the world to bring out CBD Therapy, the only CBD enriched strain of its time. Undergoing several years of selection in large numbers and based solely on the progeny seed of many combinations of parent plants, the crew were very excited to be able to isolate and reproduce in large quantities this season’s feminized hemp seed. Saving all the cloning work, it is now far easier and more practical for the farmer to make a feminized hemp seed crop.

A feminized version of a breed seed to exact specifications, it will contain between 8% to 12% levels of CBD, and THC will be marginal at >0.2%. With a fruity aroma and a strong dense series of flowering clusters, it is a wonderful sight to observe in a flowering field. It will be mainly interesting to those wishing to achieve extractions of a terpene/cannabinoid nature.

CBD concentration on the plants will range mainly between 8% and 13%, and in all our indoor tests, this seed did not see any THC values reach higher than 0.2%. So, this will be a good option for late crops for outdoor farms without cloning.

Germination and pre growth can be undertaken in the same tray and put directly to ground, so your work will be well worth it when it comes to this new seed strain. We expect that 80 % of the seeds will return densely packed flowers similar to Indica type strains and 20% will be similar to the Sativa side of the family tree.

Expect this strain to be ready to cut after 7 weeks of flowering and to reach 1.5meters if pre grown for only a week – all we can add to that is: happy farming!!!!

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