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Critical Haze

Critical Haze

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From the moment this combination of cult status parent plants was mentioned, a lot of curiosity and expectation was felt vibrating in the MNS camp. Over the years, Critical Mass (Plant of the Year 2008 in Spain) has won nearly all awards possible in many countries. Its phenotypes have always without failure, satisfied more growers worldwide than any other plant produced. It has eagerly been anticipated by those growers with several grows under their belt now wanting to try their hand at a practical Haze hybrid. This strain will bring a lot of growers to their knees when they grow it well and the yield will be potentially large. A plant with one of the best blends of distinctive flavors and scents, the fruitiness of the CM will compliment the AH male and will combine to blow ones senses off the scale; but a little more patience will be needed to finish this plant off to its full potential. A perfect plant for most outdoor growing areas of the world such as Spain, Australia, Italy, Canada and USA, but better still for those who are lucky enough to be inside a greenhouse for them growing this plant will be a real treat. This plant is considered a must grow along with the SSH and Widow family. If you get a chance to try something new then Critical Haze will be highly recommended from us all at MNS. The time to finish the earlier phenotypes should be 8-10 weeks with some very worthwhile phenotypes going between 10-12 weeks. Yields will depend on the style and types of grow however expect 450-650 grams per square meter indoors and substantially heavier plants in the outdoors and greenhouses. This will be a plant all of the commercial Haze growers will be scrambling for as well as anyone who just loves Haze flavored flowers. Since both parents are being used well in the medical patients/growers world already the combination will make this a plant a marvel to all that grow her.

Attribute Details
Heritage Critical Mass x Afghan Haze
Category Exclusive Limited Editions - New Blends of Old School Genetics
Family Breed 25% Skunk, 25% Haze, 50% Afghan
Breeder Nevil and Shantibaba
Preferred Medium Bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
Expected Yield Yields will depend on the style and types of grow. Expect 450-650 grams per square meter indoors and substantially heavier plants outdoors and in greenhouses.
Flowering Period Indoors: 8-10 weeks; Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Early to early/mid-October; Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Mid/late March
Recommendations Practical hybrid for growers who may be hesitant to grow Haze plants due to perceived long growth times. Watch plant food amounts, less is advisable compared to Critical Mass.
Special Notes One of a set of 4 hybrid limited editions recently remade to F1 seed. All include 25% Haze, making them practical for new Haze growers. Excellent flavors, aromas, and medical applications.
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