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Early Haze

Early Haze

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This is a limited edition seed that has a unique scent and flavor and due to its early finishing side has been a great influence on the practical Haze hybrids. It is now possible to select for a Haze influence in flavor and a quick growing and substantial yield for a flowering plant without sacrificing anything on effect. This will have Medical growers, inexperienced growers and advanced growers all working on a level playing ground as the selection of a mother will be individual to the requirements of those choosing this hybrid to adventure into. There is a particularly unique flavor accompanied with the Early Queen side of this hybrid and with some fair selection there will be a real gift waiting to be found. It is a very easy and rewarding plant for all styles of growers and all types of mediums - without compromise. Earlier phenotypes of this hybrid will be completed in 8 to 9 weeks and 11 weeks for the distinctly unique flavored phenotypes. A yield of 400 to 600 grams per square meter would be a bench mark to realize, but it may surprise the grower if the plant likes the growing arrangement. Outdoor and greenhouse grows will be above average. This is a hybrid that a lot of growers will attempt in time as it offers a good side to all traits a plant is selected for including alleviation to medical symptoms and pain management.

Attribute Details
Heritage Early Queen x Afghan Haze
Category Exclusive Limited Editions - New Blends of Old School Genetics
Family Breed 25% Early Pearl, 25% Skunk, 25% Afghan, 25% Haze-Thai/Columbian/Mexican
Breeder Nevil and Shantibaba
Preferred Medium Bio and Hydro, Outdoors/Greenhouse
Expected Yield A benchmark of 400 to 600 grams per square meter, but may surprise the grower based on the plant's preferences in the growing arrangement.
Flowering Period Indoors: 8-10 weeks (depends on phenotype). Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Early to early/mid-October. Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Mid/late March.
Recommendations Not everyone wants to grow Haze plants due to perceived long growth times, but this practical hybrid is described as simply irresistible.
Special Notes One of a set of 4 hybrid limited editions recently remade to F1 seed. All incorporate 25% Haze and are excellent practical introductory plants for new Haze growers. Flavors, aromas, and yields may exceed expectations. Excellent medical applications. Try it for a guaranteed pleasant surprise.
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