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Medicine Man

Medicine Man

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A true champion and a proven medical marvel for those in need of high levels of the most active cannabinoids, including CBD. Almost toxic at times, so handle with care and don't abuse the medicine, man. It has won many awards since its introduction as the White Rhino in the late 90's. An incredibly strong genetic heritage stemming from a Brazilian sativa/South Indian hybrid combined to a prodigious-yielding Afghani. It is in the Widow family and is a superior palliative for the sick and terminally-ill patients. For those who prefer indoors, then expect an incredibly resinous and compact Indica look from this plant. It has an expected flowering time of 56 to 60 days. For outdoors in the northern hemisphere expect harvest around October and in the southern hemisphere by May. The yield should be at least 600 grams a square meter. Remember, be careful how you handle the Medicine, Man!

Attribute Details
Heritage Medicine Man (also known as White Rhino when first released)
Category The Naturals - Old School Genetics
Family Breed Afghan x Brazilian Sativa/South India
Breeder Shantibaba's
Preferred Medium Bio and Hydro, Indoors and Outdoors/Greenhouse
Expected Yield Indoors: 600 g/m2. Outdoors: 450-600 g/plant.
Flowering Period Indoors: Expect it to be completed in 56-65 flowering days. Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Completed by October. Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Completed by late April to May.
Recommendations For inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivators.
Special Notes Originally known as White Rhino, a tribute to Denis Peron's (art.215) for Medical growers.
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