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Holy Grail

Holy Grail

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Some time to prepare this and test the selections as they go to 12 -14 weeks in flowering. However the selected NH x AC mother performed well and was with tribal aromas from generations past; combining this to the Haze C male and doubling up on the Haze C has given this progeny seed the feeling that the Holy Grail really does exist. Patience is a virtue and needed with this strain. These will be wonderfully flavored buds to have in your cellar and with a minimum of 3 to 6 months of curing this flower will be well understood and appreciated. Like a fine Barolo wine; it can only qualify from DOC rating to DOCG once it has matured for at least 1 year in oak barrels and passes all the criterion of ratings; for the wine maker it is always a risk and nervous time but when it works every last bottle or in this case bud, oozes uncompromising pleasure for the honored person lucky enough to experience it. The Holy Grail has yet to be found and it is different for everyone…but it exists and you know it for yourself when you find it. So with perception and dedication, experience and awareness…the adventuring cultivator / breeder can one day search and find their Holy Grail of Cannabis. Expected yield on the average 14 week flowering plant is between 750/850 grams m2. The curing of this flower is advised as it increases the flavor and effects once the chlorophyll naturally breakdown over a 6 weeks to 3 months period. There may be some longer flowering plants which are not really practical in an indoor garden but it will be rewarding to have this in your stash of stashes.

Heritage: (NL5HzC x Haze AC) x Haze C
Category: Exclusive limited editions - New blends of old school genetics
Family of breed: Pedigree of Hazes and Northern lights 5
Breeder: Shantibaba
Preferred medium: all mediums but intended for outdoor, directly into the earth.
Expected yield: when the plant is allowed to do natural outdoors it can produce well over 1kg
Flowering period: Flowering period will be between 12 and 16 weeks...some may go longer.
Recommendations: it is a plant that can reach the 2nd floor of house ...and really needs darkness to conclude flowering properly.
Special Notes: The Holy Grail is not for all growers, as it has a long flowering period and can reach a huge size! But for those who can watch plants grow and can cure flowers well this will be top shelf stash for members only...a Barolo wine, a Holy Grail joint and good company reached the peak imo.
Lab analysis (%): THC between 18-24%, low CBD, low CBG...terpene profile phenomenal!
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