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Neville's Haze Mango

Neville's Haze Mango

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The combination of these two plants awakens the appetite for even the most moderate user/grower of sativa based hybrids. The genetics making up this complex hybrid combine the two Haze males utilized by MNS. This seed is basically comprised of 12.5% skunk, 25% NL5, and 12.5%Haze A male, 50% Haze C male. The expected flowering time will vary considerably depending upon the chosen phenotype. Generally, it should be between 10-14 weeks with the possibility of slightly earlier if getting something towards the NL5 or Skunk side. Anything that goes beyond the 14 week marker in flowering is really not interesting as it becomes a difficult chore for a relatively low return. This plant will need to grow extensively, so it is essential to 12/12 (possibly even 10/14) light to night ratio, to force the onset of flowering. It is recommended to ensure the night time is very dark, as this will help force the plant to flower without compromise. It is very difficult to give an estimated yield here but one should be able to get an average of 450-500 grams per square meter. One might need to take the height of the growing area into consideration as this plant has the ability to grow for it. The aromas and taste of the finished product will be the most wonderful surprise for the growers and their hard work will be rewarded with nothing less than a superb product. The effects will be cerebral and possibly a bit trippy so use the medicine well. This seed can be grown both indoors and outdoors but will need space and it will be hard to imagine it as a sea of green plant due to its sativa roots. It has the potential for a holy grail- can you find it?

Attribute Details
Heritage Neville's Haze x Mango
Category Exclusive Limited Editions - New Blends of Old School Genetics
Family Breed 12.5% Skunk, 25% NL5, 12.5% Haze A male, 50% Haze C male
Breeder Nevil and Shantibaba's
Preferred Medium Bio and Hydro, Indoors and Outdoors/Greenhouse
Expected Yield Indoors: Expect 450-500 grams if selected well. Outdoors/Greenhouse: Can produce a huge yield if trained like a creeping plant.
Flowering Period Indoors: Expected flowering time between 10-14 weeks, depending on the phenotype. Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Difficult; only suitable for southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal), finishing by November. Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Takes until late April/early May.
Recommendations For experienced growers to the most advanced cultivators.
Special Notes Needs a good eye in selecting a good producer but undoubtedly full-flavored medicine. Not for those who are inattentive gardeners; it can be challenging!
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