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During the 1960's and early 1970's, the best hashish in the world was purchased in tea-houses in Afghanistan. Its resin was sticky, its colour and texture were pure, its tangy taste was as sweet as honey from heaven, and its high was a dreamer's paradise. The country's ruler, King Saber Shah, loved it. In 1973, the king was ousted. In 1979, the Russians invaded, and the country's troubles deteriorated. So did the hashish, which soon became a clumsy mixture of a variety of resins from different plants, idly and slovenly screened, and held together by animal fat. I first smuggled Afghan hashish in 1970. For reasons I never fully understood, we referred to it over the phone as 'Nordle'. The contents of this packet are designed to bring those forgotten wonders of the 1960's into your grow rooms and into your consciousness.

Attribute Details
Heritage Afghan Skunk
Category The Naturals - Old School Genetics
Family Breed 50% Afghan, 50% Skunk#1
Breeder Nevil and Shantibaba
Preferred Medium Bio and Hydro, Indoors and Outdoors/Greenhouse
Expected Yield Due to its Afghan origins and the particular parent plants, one would expect between 500-750 grams per square meter.
Flowering Period Indoor flowering: Certain plants finishing in 6 weeks (extreme), normal would be 7-9 weeks. Outdoors: Grown in the Northern Hemisphere early to mid-October, but watch out for rains and mold. In the Southern Hemisphere, March or early April would be expected.
Recommendations For inexperienced growers to the most advanced, especially for greenhouse growers worldwide or those with short outdoor seasons.
Special Notes This hybrid is probably one of the most consistently good all-rounders. It has diverse uses, and since it was named by Howard as a tribute to the good old days, well, what more is there to add?
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